Personalized Learning Platform Supporting All Learning Styles

A school operating system that supports all learning styles, including social emotional learning.

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Personalized Learning

Focusing on the needs of the individual

Blended Learning

Combining the traditional approach with technology

Flipped Classroom

Self-guided study, with hands-on collaboration

Teaching Styles

Kiddom believes educators deserve effective technology to match their respective teaching styles. Every educator uses Kiddom in their own way, with their own level of comfort.

Some teachers keep it simple and utilize Kiddom’s gradebook for its ease of use. Other teachers go a step farther and use Kiddom’s mastery reports to understand what content to differentiate and personalize for students. Some teachers leverage Kiddom to implement blended learning models, while others completely flipped their classrooms.

The bottom line is the right way to use Kiddom is in your own way, reflecting your own style. Consider us your teacher sidekick. We’ll follow your lead.

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