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Personalized Learning

Focusing on individual needs

Personalized learning is an instructional paradigm shift, providing teachers the opportunity to truly be nurturers of assisted individual inquiry. To implement authentic personalized learning experiences, teachers must restructure their methods of instruction, curricular content, and learning environment to meet individual learner’s needs. Students must have timely and consistent access to technology and flexibility around time and space to demonstrate mastery.

Kiddom was developed to help teachers implement personalized learning models in their classrooms

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Integrations with content providers provide teachers with an abundance of educational technology resources at their disposal. Teachers can explore these resources and design a cohesive curricula tailored for their classrooms. Teachers can differentiate learning for students by assigning content online to supplement in-class assessment.

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Kiddom’s Google Drive integration allows teachers to seamlessly share Drive attachments with students. Students access their own unique copy of the assignment, complete the assignment in Drive, and notify their teachers in Kiddom when they’re finished.

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Teachers can link and/or share videos directly with students from the assignment dashboard. Videos can be assigned as primary or supplemental sources of instruction, enrichment, or intervention. Students can communicate directly with their teachers and ask for additional resources to meet their needs.