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To fully realize technology’s potential to improve the opportunity to learn, research findings [from the disciplines of cognitive science, neuroscience, education, psychology, sociology, and economics] should be communicated in a way that is useful to [everyone] looking for effective methods to improve student outcomes. ~ DigitalPromise Research Initiative

We at Kiddom like to ponder how classrooms and learning might evolve as a whole.

Toward these ends we’d like to tip our hat to who is collecting and sharing scientific research and studies of how better classrooms and learning might be fostered. Subscribe to their newsletter!

We’re personally driven by our core questions:

The former is very important, because, really, educators know how to best engage their students, and deserve more time to focus on doing so. The latter is also important.

We’re thrilled to be on our mission, and happy to include academic research as another source of input we might use to best serve our school communities.

If you discover any research you’d like us to see, please share by tweeting @KiddomApp or emailing us directly.

If you’re on, I’ve created a list of all the Education/Learning-Psychology categories. Just look at the tags on my profile!

– Jordan Feldstein
Growth @ Kiddom

Originally published at Teacher Voice.