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Looking for an Alternative to Atlas Rubicon?
Meet Kiddom Academy

Academy is a K-12 operating system that bridges the gap between curriculum management and the LMS.

We think Atlas Rubicon is great for curriculum management — but there are a few things missing.

Connectivity Between Tools

How do you know your curriculum is working well for students across an entire school or district?

Because Kiddom Academy connects to the tools your teachers use in the classroom, you’re bridging the gap between curriculum management and the LMS for richer insights into the effectiveness of curriculum.

Curriculum Measurement

When teachers aren’t in alignment, curriculum reporting can be a lot like comparing apples to oranges. But the ability to share the scope and sequence directly with all of your teachers allows you to measure curriculum district-wide.

Standardizing curriculum isn’t enough, if we can’t give our teachers:


Kiddom Academy provides enough guidance to create consistency while still allowing teachers to iterate, share, and teach in their own way — because they know what’s best for their students!


The ability to measure, align, and fine-tune means the ability to apply findings the next time you plan curriculum. This responsive curriculum management feature is exclusive to Academy.

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