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Curated Teaching Resources for K-2 Classrooms

By May 15, 2018February 21st, 2022Playlists, Resources, Social Studies Teachers

Like any good playlist, this one has been carefully arranged for K-2 classrooms, with your needs in mind. Check out each playlist by subject or click here to access the full collection.

SCIENCE: It’s Alive! (Or Is It?)

Our world is comprised of both living and non-living things. In this ​playlist, students learn how to tell the difference.

ENGLISH: Pluralize It

Showcase the magic of the letter S as students transform singular nouns to plurals.

MATH: Shape Shifting

Once students have mastered basic shapes, take things to the next level with these engaging resources that explore composite shapes.


Using these resources, your students will become familiar with basic economic concepts. focusing on the interdependent relationship between producers and consumers.

Written by: Eboni Hogan, Success Specialist