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Curriculum Planning Resources

By February 21, 2022July 12th, 2022Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching

Curated Teaching Playlists & Curriculum Planning Resources

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Standards should emphasize what students learn over how much work they do.

Understand the basics of standards-based learning with these professional development guides.

What People Are Saying

“Kiddom is great for assessing data and then assigning appropriate work based on individual student performance. I love that it's very easy to attach standards and rubric to every assignment.”

Jackie Curts, Middle School Teacher

“Using Kiddom has made me stop and ask, ‘Am I just letting this student repeat what they already know, or am I really

Ann Leghorn, High School Literacy Specialist

“I can see where my class and any student is at any moment in their educational journey. This way, I can take action to assist them to work towards mastery.”

Mr. Albrecht, High School Teacher