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Kiddom + Illustrative Mathematics by Kendall Hunt

Highly-rated K-12 IM-certified math curriculum delivered on a dynamic digital platform.

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Problem-Based K-12 Math Curriculum in a Flexible Digital Platform

Continuing a 75-year history of providing innovative educational solutions, Kendall Hunt presents Illustrative Mathematics Certified math curriculum for K-12. Now available in the Kiddom platform.


Illustrative Mathematics

Coherently sequenced materials
Based on research-based learning trajectories for early years

Curriculum design to support equity and inclusion


Illustrative Mathematics

Top-rated by EdReports in all three review gateways
Intentional lesson design that supports mathematical growth

Focus on supporting teachers in research-based routines


Illustrative Mathematics

Top-rated by EdReports in all three review gateways
Built upon IM’s problem-based pedagogy foundation
Rigorous learning standards

Accessible to all learners, includes Algebra 1 Extra Support Materials

Bring IM Curriculum to Life in Kiddom

Real-World Problems

Illustrative Mathematics curriculum guides students to learn by solving problems and explaining their solutions using precise language. Kiddom brings this to life through a variety of problem types – from multiple choice to multi-select and more – allowing students to solve problems and present answers in a variety of ways.

For Me, For Us, For All of Us

IM lessons include independent, group, and whole class instruction and learning, giving students the opportunity to gain understanding and fluency across a variety of scenarios. Kiddom’s platform has designed supports to enhance each of these scenarios.

Full Service for Teachers

Kendall Hunt offers a variety of professional learning options, along with an online community of IM teachers designed to make curriculum adoption and success easier. With Kiddom, teachers can access that curriculum from anywhere in a dynamic, digital format, giving them many options to customize lessons in their own unique way.

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