Use Kiddom to Meet Your Academic Goals

Measure and act on classroom intelligence system-wide

Core Features

K-12 Library

Access a vast library of standards-aligned curriculum and content from publishers like CK-12, IXL, Newsela, LearnZillion, and more

Personalization Tools

Create rich assessments, resources, and lessons. Share with students individually or by performance groupings

Classroom Intelligence

Take action using meaningful intelligence reports that capture performance by individual student, student groups, and standards-based performance

Collaborative Tools

Share personalized feedback on assignments with students. Build and share curriculum and assessments with co-teachers and colleagues

System Level Administration

Curriculum Management

Deploy school/district-developed curriculum, content, standards, and rubrics to norm teaching and learning practices

Account Setup

Get schoolwide rostering and setup for teachers, administrators, students, and other stakeholders

System Intelligence

Monitor, download, and take action from system-wide analytics. Extract data for sharing with third-party systems

Role-Based Access

Manage roles and permissions system-wide. View curriculum, assessments, and analytics across all classrooms and communities

Implementation and Support

Live Support

Get real-time support with dedicated support specialists for technical assistance, general product questions, and best practices

Account Management

Dedicated success specialists ensure the product and its support are aligned to your community’s goals and needs

Basic Training

A one-time digital training session led by your Account Manager to learn the basics. Invite all staff or utilize our “train-the-trainer” model

Add Ons

Professional Development

Half-day, whole-day, and/or multi-day workshops to implement Kiddom tailored to your community’s vision for teaching and learning

SIS Integration

Connect with your SIS via our API and custom automated exports. Easily create user accounts, using your existing SIS data

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