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Free Accessories to Decorate Your Virtual Classroom — Kiddom Style!

By August 13, 2020February 21st, 2022Back-to-School, Featured Posts, K-12 Teachers

Over the past few weeks, on social media, there has been a deluge of teachers sharing their Bitmoji classrooms for the world to see. Many intend to use them as virtual backgrounds on conference calls, or on their teaching websites. At the end of this post, you can create your own using our Kiddom-style backgrounds, furniture, and accessories!

Not even a global pandemic is enough to slow down teachers during back-to-school season! Since virtual learning is so popular (and necessary) this year, many teachers are missing out on the opportunity to decorate their classrooms—which, some might say, is the highlight of the season. Well, it’s high time that this fundamental truth was taught in schools: there’s a Bitmoji for every situation!


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For students of many crafty and tech-savvy teachers, the first smile or wave they see from their teacher will be a cartoon one. All over the internet, teachers are showcasing their homemade digital classrooms, which feature an animated version of themselves greeting their students. 

Some of them include interactive features, like the example below. Each item in the room links to a video or activity that encourages teachers to center their health. From the comfort of your own home, you can leave your masks at the door and devote some time to your physical and mental well-being. What item would you like to see in a staff-focused wellness room?



Below, here’s a student-focused version of a wellness room, or Safe Space, posted by @littlest.classroom on Instagram. We can practically hear the waves from that beach background!



Of course, some teachers are calling for more realistic landscapes….


For teachers of younger students, creating a virtual classroom with objects of different textures and shapes has proved to be a great way to engage students visually and hold their focus. 



Many virtual classrooms even include mascots and animal companions. Teachers have been including pets, books, posters, and other miscellaneous items as a way to add personality to their online spaces. In distance learning, this 2-D canvas will be seen far more often than you think—might as well make it count! 



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Hopping on the Bitmoji bandwagon. You can teach an old dog new tricks. #virtualteaching #bitmojiclassroom

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As a way of adding more personality to the scene, some teachers are using links on their handmade boards to send their students to a ‘Get to Know Me’ page or slide. You can use the same tactic to share a fun survey or video introduction. 



In a digital classroom, you can communicate a lot with the few words you decide to include in your design. @AtomicMangoMom on Twitter found the perfect place to squeeze in the 7 elements of music: atop the whiteboard in her virtual music classroom. That would be the perfect place for them IRL, too. Check it out!



Other teachers are using words to share inspiring material. Quotes can be a useful tool in setting the tone for a fantastic year. In the example below, a poster on the top left reads, “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”



Now, it’s your turn! We couldn’t let Bitmoji have all the fun. We’ve created a few digital accessories for you to put on stage with your virtual likeness. Choose from backgrounds, blackboards, windows, furniture, and accessories to build out a classy cartoon classroom that welcomes and amuses your students. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Use this Google Slides presentation to create your masterpiece.
  2. Get the Bitmoji extension for Google Chrome.
  3. Place yourself in the scene using the Bitmoji of your choice!
  4. Post your virtual classroom on social media and tag @kiddomapp!

This school year may be the first of its kind, but there’s no doubt that teachers have what it takes to engage students and create meaningful learning experiences. We hope that these accessories help you to create something outta this world!

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