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Instructional Playlists to Shake Things Up (3-5th Grades)

By May 22, 2018February 21st, 2022English Teachers, Math Teachers, Playlists, Resources

From earthquakes to conversion tables, we’ve put together these teaching resources specifically for 3rd-5th grade classrooms.

Instructional Playlists to Shake Things Up is a collection of themed teaching resources for all grades. You can explore each playlist by subject below, or access the entire collection here.

Social Studies: Breaking the Border

This playlist provides a comprehensive look at a long history of border disputes and immigration policies, while also illustrating the harrowing journey that undocumented migrants undergo in reimagining the American Dream.

Science: Quake Solutions

Shake things up with this playlist that explores why buildings collapse during earthquakes and how earth science and engineering is converging to construct quake-proof structures.

Math: Turning Tables

Time to turn the tables on the metric system. These resources will help students learn how to create their own conversion tables for metric units of measure.

English: Word Sleuths

Turn your students into literary detectives as they discover strategies for deciphering words that they don’t know using context clues .

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Written by: Eboni Hogan, Success Specialist