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Kiddom Now Offers OpenSciEd Through Our Partnership with Certified Provider Kendall Hunt

Everything you need to know about the new Kiddom + OpenSciEd though Kendall Hunt partnership.

In Kiddom’s most recent State of Curriculum Report, around 40% of educators ranked science as the second most lacking subject, in terms of core curriculum. When we saw those results, our path was clear – Kiddom needed to find a highly rated science curriculum to offer to schools and districts within the Kiddom platform.  We are thrilled to work with partner Kendall Hunt, a 75 year industry veteran of providing innovative educational solutions, to bring a dynamic, digital version of the OpenSciEd curriculum to our school and district partners starting in Fall 2022.  

Why OpenSciEd through Kendall Hunt?

Kendall Hunt is a Certified Provider of the OpenSciEd middle school content, offering an exclusive customized version.  OpenSciEd is a phenomena based curriculum with 18 units that ask students questions like “How are we connected to the patterns we see in the sky and space?” and “How can we use chemical reactions to design a solution to a problem?”  The units are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and each unit features a storyline for teachers that provides a summary of the lesson question, what to do to answer those questions, and how the student will represent their learning.  All of this rolls up to a curriculum that directly addresses the concerns our surveyed educators have with the existing science curriculum. 

How does Kiddom enhance OpenSciEd?

There are five key features of OpenSciEd materials, each of which is augmented by Kiddom’s capabilities. 

Phenomena-Based: Kiddom’s modular design allows teachers to easily center lessons around these phenomena. 

Coherence for Students: Kiddom’s timeline view for students puts them in the “driver’s seat” of their learning experience. 

Driven by Evidence: Kiddom’s content library allows teachers to pull in additional, vetted resources for any lessons. 

Collaborative: Kiddom’s suite of communication tools foster and encourage collaboration – chat, threaded discussions, and groups all let students work together to figure things out. 

Equitable: Kiddom’s mission is to improve education for all teachers and learners – and we have taken steps in product to make this a reality including accessibility across devices and internet speeds.  

But wait, there’s more!

Kiddom is also excited to develop new features directly in support of the OpenSciEd curriculum that will be available for its launch in Fall 2022.  And while we can’t tell you everything that’s on our roadmap, it’s worth noting that some key elements of the OpenSciEd curriculum are the student notebook for keeping track of progress and learning and discussion-based learning.  Stay tuned throughout the spring for updates on new Kiddom features that work with OpenSciEd.

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