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Kiddom Classroom

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Digital Curriculum + Kiddom for Schools & Districts

Digital Curriculum + Kiddom Platform

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Record Videos, Audio, and Take PicturesFor announcements, assignments (teachers and students), and when leaving comments

Start a Chat from Student RosterStart a 1:1 or group chat from the new student roster

Class Announcements FeedKeep class-wide announcements and attachments in one easy-to-reach location

Host Virtual Classes with Kiddom Live UpgradeStart a call 1:1, for student groups, and the entire class when you upgrade to Kiddom Live

Available Across DevicesStudents and teachers can use computers tablets, and phones via our iOS, Android, and web apps.

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Build Standards-Aligned CurriculumDigitize curriculum and connect it to instruction & assessment

Share Curriculum, Scope, & SequenceSet scope and sequence to provide a common starting point for teachers

Foster Teacher AutonomyEmpower teachers to amend and personalize for their class

View Curriculum Usage and EfficacyMonitor student performance live and see what’s working

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Search K-12 Content LibraryAccess 70,000+ standards-aligned supplemental resources

Flexible Lesson PlansEdit curriculum to contextualize lessons for in-person or distance learning

Assign and GradeAssign, grade, autograde, and assess - all in one place

View Student Progress ReportsReports are updated in real-time as assignments are assessed

Group Students by MasterySupplemental resources can be assigned by mastery level

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Real-Time School-Wide DataView curriculum usage and efficacy, live student performance, and instructional data

Students View Progress and Next StepsClear view of progress against skills and standards

Families View Progress On-DemandView the status of assignments and a snapshot of overall standing

Kiddom ClassroomFree for Teachers

Kiddom for Schools & Districts

Digital Curriculum + Kiddom for Schools & Districts