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Professional Development Offerings for Teachers and Schools Now Available

Melissa Giroux

Former K-12 teacher and administrator

As we move through our careers in education, all sorts of people teach us important lessons. A lesson can come in the form of a more experienced teacher who nurtures us with bits of advice and tough love. Teachers or paraprofessionals we share classrooms with bring new strategies to co-planning sessions that we continue using for years afterwards. Our students teach us all the time with their questions and engagement in our curriculum. That’s why at Kiddom, we’ve been talking to teachers, visiting classrooms, and digging into research to build a professional development menu that offers authentic learning experiences for educators.

If you work in a school, it’s likely you’ve spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours in sessions meant to support you in your growth as an educator. At Kiddom, we know that the best of those sessions are those that connect directly to your day-to-day practice, supply you with concrete strategies, and give you the flexibility to work at your own pace and collaborate with your peers.

We believe educators deserve on-going education that is:

  • Personalized: Our virtual consults help us tailor the workshops we offer to the needs and context of your school community. Our resources are customizable so that they can be useful immediately, because we know you want to start using new strategies in your classroom now.
  • Grounded in Teacher Experience: We have a team of current and former teachers on staff developing resources based on research-backed practices that we’ve used in our own classrooms. Our in-depth guides can jump-start your exploration of topics like blended learning or standards-based grading.
  • Inquiry-Based and Exploratory: You don’t want to be lectured at any more than your students do. We design sessions that are self-guided if that’s your style, or collaborative workshops to support your teachers in teams.

Kiddom facilitates a wide range of workshops with teams of educators, from basic account set-up and launch sessions to more in-depth cycles of data workshops using student mastery reports. We can also provide materials for teacher leaders and administration to run their own workshops at school to build in-house expertise and leadership.

Excited? We are too! To get started, explore our menu of professional development offerings and schedule a free consult. If you don’t see any offerings that match your needs, we can work to create custom sessions once we get to know you and your school via an initial consult.

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one platform with integrated tools for communication.

Ready to bring digital curriculum to your school or district?

Connect with us in a 15-minute meeting to learn more about available pre-packaged curriculum by Open Up Resources, and how the Kiddom education platform can support your learning community.

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