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State of Curriculum 2020: The K-12 Transition to Digital Curriculum

Where are K-12 educators in their transition to digital curriculum, and what challenges do they face?

About This Report

To understand where educators are in their transition to digital curriculum, we surveyed 447 diverse educators across a variety of school communities, from district leaders to school leaders to teachers. After compiling and analyzing the results, three themes emerged in the form of challenges, which COVID-19 has since exacerbated.

Top Findings: Three Challenges

  • Lack of alignment. A disconnect in opinions surfaced around curricular topics like quality, measuring efficacy, and implementation.
  • Need for dynamic digital curriculum. Over 90% surveyed store digital curricula in static form (e.g. PDFs) on drives & internal networks.
  • Low visibility on curricular efficacy and implementation. The majority of educators struggle with assessing and improving curriculum quality.
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