Which standards does Kiddom support?

From CCLS to TEKS: All Learning Standards

Our goal: every standard

Kiddom’s intention is to quickly support all standards, at all grade levels, and to best support all teachers regardless of curriculum. The standards we've added are listed below and updated often. If we’ve missed a set of standards, feel free to request them. We’ve got your back.

All the internet's content, by standard

Search for content aligned to your curriculum’s standards. Instantly assign content to your liking with one click. We source and index the best online content so that you get the time you need to plan rich, authentic learning experiences for students.

We have your back.

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Want this data?

Gathering a comprehensive set of standards data has surprisingly been one of the more difficult tasks we've taken on as a relatively new EdTech startup. We believe this barrier only hurts students. As such, we would like to offer all of the standards data we've collected available to anyone who would like to build educational tools of their own.