South Carolina Learning Standards for English Language Arts — Grade 11

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Use a recursive process to develop, evaluate, and refine, questions to broaden thinking on a specific idea that directs inquiry for new learning and deeper understanding.


Analyze ideas and information from text and multimedia by formulating questions, proposing interpretations and explanations, and considering alternative views and multiple perspectives.


Develop a plan of action by using appropriate disciplinespecific strategies.


Examine historical, social, cultural, or political context to broaden inquiry and create questions.


Gather information from a variety of primary and secondary sources and evaluate for perspective, validity, and bias.


Organize and categorize important information; synthesize relevant ideas to build a deeper understanding; communicate new learning; identify implications for future inquiry.


Employ a critical stance to analyze relationships and patterns of evidence to confirm conclusions.


Evaluate findings; address conflicting information; identify misconceptions; and revise.


Determine appropriate disciplinary tools to communicate findings and/or take informed action