Delaware Standards for Social Studies — Grade 8

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Students will understand why governments have the authority to make, enforce, and interpret laws and regulations, such as levying taxes, conducting foreign policy, and providing for national defense.


Students will analyze the different functions of federal, state, and local governments in the United States and examine the reasons for the different organizational structures each level of government employs


Students will understand that the concept of majority rule does not mean that the rights of minorities may be disregarded and will examine and apply the protections accorded those minorities in the American political system.


Students will understand the principles and content of major American state papers such as the Declaration of Independence; United States Constitution (including the Bill of Rights); and the Federalist Papers


Students will understand that civil rights secure political freedom while property rights secure economic freedom and that both are essential protections for United States citizens.


Students will understand that American citizenship includes responsibilities such as voting, jury duty, obeying the law, service in the armed forces when required, and public service.


Students will follow the actions of elected officials, and understand and employ the mechanisms for communicating with them while in office.


Students will analyze how changes in supply and demand interact in competitive markets to determine or change the price of goods and services.


Students will analyze the role of money and banking in the economy, and the ways in which government taxes and spending affect the functioning of market economies.