National Core Arts Standards: Media Arts — Grade 3

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Use personal and external resources, such as interests, information, and models, to create media artworks.


Identify and show how media artworks form meanings, situations, and/or culture, such as popular media.


Identify how media artworks and ideas relate to everyday and cultural life and can influence values and online behavior.


Examine and interact appropriately with media arts tools and environments, considering safety, rules, and fairness.


Develop multiple ideas for media artworks using a variety of tools, methods and/or materials.


Form, share, and test ideas, plans, and models to prepare for media arts productions


Construct and order various content into unified, purposeful media arts productions, describing and applying a defined set of principles, such as movement and force.


Practice and analyze how the emphasis of elements alters effect and purpose in refining and completing media artworks.


Practice combining varied academic, arts, and media forms and content into unified media artworks, such as animation, music, and dance.


Exhibit developing ability in a variety of artistic, design, technical, and organizational roles, such as making compositional decisions, manipulating tools, and group planning in media arts productions.


Exhibit basic creative skills to invent new content and solutions within and through media arts productions.


Exhibit standard use of tools and techniques while constructing media artworks.


Identify and describe the presentation conditions, and take on roles and processes in presenting or distributing media artworks.


Identify and describe the experience, and share results of and improvements for presenting media artworks.


Identify and describe how messages are created by components in media artworks.


Identify and describe how various forms, methods, and styles in media artworks manage audience experience


Determine the purposes and meanings of media artworks while describing their context.


Identify basic criteria for and evaluate media artworks, considering possible improvements and context.