National Core Arts Standards: Media Arts — Grade 4

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Examine and use personal and external resources, such as interests, research, and cultural understanding, to create media artworks.


Examine and show how media artworks form meanings, situations, and/or cultural experiences, such as online spaces.


Explain verbally and/or in media artworks, how media artworks and ideas relate to everyday and cultural life, such as fantasy and reality, and technology use.


Examine and interact appropriately with media arts tools and environments, considering ethics, rules, and fairness.


Conceive of original artistic goals for media artworks using a variety of creative methods, such as brainstorming and modeling.


Discuss, test, and assemble ideas, plans, and models for media arts productions, considering the artistic goals and the presentation.


Structure and arrange various content and components to convey purpose and meaning in different media arts productions, applying sets of associated principles, such as balance and contrast.


Demonstrate intentional effect in refining media artworks, emphasizing elements for a purpose.


Demonstrate how a variety of academic, arts, and media forms and content may be mixed and coordinated into media artworks, such as narrative, dance, and media.


Enact identified roles to practice foundational artistic, design, technical, and soft skills, such as formal technique, equipment usage, production, and collaboration in media arts productions.


Practice foundational innovative abilities, such as design thinking, in addressing problems within and through media arts productions.


Demonstrate use of tools and techniques in standard and novel ways while constructing media artworks.


Explain the presentation conditions, and fulfill a role and processes in presenting or distributing media artworks.


Explain results of and improvements for presenting media artworks.


Identify, describe, and explain how messages are created by components in media artworks.


Identify, describe, and explain how various forms, methods, and styles in media artworks manage audience experience.


Determine and explain reactions and interpretations to a variety of media artworks, considering their purpose and context.


Identify and apply basic criteria for evaluating and improving media artworks and production processes, considering context.