National Core Arts Standards: Media Arts — Grade 6

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Access, evaluate, and use internal and external resources to create media artworks, such as knowledge, experiences, interests, and research.


Explain and show how media artworks form new meanings, situations, and cultural experiences, such as historical events.


Research and show how media artworks and ideas relate to personal life, and social, community, and cultural situations, such as personal identity, history, and entertainment.


Analyze and interact appropriately with media arts tools and environments, considering fair use and copyright, ethics, and media literacy.


Formulate variations of goals and solutions for media artworks by practicing chosen creative processes, such as sketching, improvising and brainstorming.


Organize, propose, and evaluate artistic ideas, plans, prototypes, and production processes for media arts productions, considering purposeful intent.


Experiment with multiple approaches to produce content and components for determined purpose and meaning in media arts productions, utilizing a range of associated principles, such as point of view and perspective.


Appraise how elements and components can be altered for intentional effects and audience, and refine media artworks to reflect purpose and audience.


Validate how integrating multiple contents and forms can support a central idea in a media artwork, such as media, narratives, and performance


Develop a variety of artistic, design, technical, and soft skills through performing various assigned roles in producing media artworks, such as invention, formal technique, production, self-initiative, and problem-solving.


Develop a variety of creative and adaptive innovation abilities, such as testing constraints, in developing solutions within and through media arts productions.


Demonstrate adaptability using tools and techniques in standard and experimental ways in constructing media artworks.


Analyze various presentation formats and fulfill various tasks and defined processes in the presentation and/or distribution of media artworks.


Analyze results of and improvements for presenting media artworks.


Identify, describe, and analyze how message and meaning are created by components in media artworks


Identify, describe, and analyze how various forms, methods, and styles in media artworks manage audience experience.


Analyze the intent of a variety of media artworks, using given criteria.


Determine and apply specific criteria to evaluate various media artworks and production processes, considering context and practicing constructive feedback.