National Core Arts Standards: Media Arts — Grade 8

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Access, evaluate, and use internal and external resources to inform the creation of media artworks, such as cultural and societal knowledge, research, and exemplary works.


Explain and demonstrate how media artworks expand meaning and knowledge, and create cultural experiences, such as local and global events.


Demonstrate and explain how media artworks and ideas relate to various contexts, purposes, and values, such as democracy, environment, and connecting people and places.


Analyze and responsibly interact with media arts tools, environments, legal, and technological contexts, considering ethics, media literacy, social media, and virtual worlds.


Generate ideas, goals, and solutions for original media artworks through application of focused creative processes, such as divergent thinking and experimenting.


Structure and critique ideas, plans, prototypes, and production processes for media arts productions, considering intent, resources, and the presentation context


Implement production processes to integrate content and stylistic conventions for determined meaning in media arts productions, demonstrating understanding of associated principles, such as theme and unity.


Refine and modify media artworks, improving technical quality and intentionally accentuating selected expressive and stylistic elements, to reflect an understanding of purpose, audience, and place.


Integrate multiple contents and forms into unified media arts productions that convey specific themes or ideas, such as interdisciplinary projects, or multimedia theatre.


Demonstrate a defined range of artistic, design, technical, and soft skills, through performing specified roles in producing media artworks, such as strategizing and collaborative communication.


Demonstrate a defined range of creative and adaptive innovation abilities, such as divergent solutions and bending conventions, in developing new solutions for identified problems within and through media arts productions.


Demonstrate adaptability using tools, techniques and content in standard and experimental ways to communicate intent in the production of media artworks.


Design the presentation and distribution of media artworks through multiple formats and/or contexts.


Evaluate the results of and implement improvements for presenting media artworks, considering impacts on personal growth and external effects.


Compare, contrast, and analyze the qualities of and relationships between the components and style in media artworks.


Compare, contrast, and analyze how various forms, methods, and styles in media artworks manage audience experience and create intention.


Analyze the intent and meanings of a variety of media artworks, focusing on intentions, forms, and various contexts.


Evaluate media art works and production processes with developed criteria, considering context and artistic goals.