National Core Arts Standards: Visual Arts — Grade 4

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Create works of art that reflect community cultural traditions.


Through observation, infer information about time, place, and culture in which a work of art was created.


Brainstorm multiple approaches to a creative art or design problem


Collaboratively set goals and create artwork that is meaningful and has purpose to the makers.


Explore and invent art-making techniques and approaches


When making works of art, utilize and care for materials, tools, and equipment in a manner that prevents danger to oneself and others.


Document, describe, and represent regional constructed environments.


Revise artwork in progress on the basis of insights gained through peer discussion.


Analyze how past, present, and emerging technologies have impacted the preservation and presentation of artwork.


Analyze the various considerations for presenting and protecting art in various locations, indoor or outdoor settings, in temporary or permanent forms, and in physical or digital formats.


Compare and contrast purposes of art museums, art galleries, and other venues, as well as the types of personal experiences they provide.


Compare responses to a work of art before and after working in similar media.


Interpret art by referring to contextual information and analyzing relevant subject matter, characteristics of form, and use of media.


Apply one set of criteria to evaluate more than one work of art.