National Core Arts Standards: Visual Arts — Grade 7

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Individually or collaboratively create visual documentation of places and times in which people gather to make and experience art or design in the community


Analyze how response to art is influenced by understanding the time and place in which it was created, the available resources, and cultural uses.


Apply methods to overcome creative blocks.


Develop criteria to guide making a work of art or design to meet an identified goal.


Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods, and approaches in creating works of art or design.


Demonstrate awareness of ethical responsibility to oneself and others when posting and sharing images and other materials through the Internet, social media, and other communication formats.


Apply visual organizational strategies to design and produce a work of art, design, or media that clearly communicates information or ideas.


Reflect on and explain important information about personal artwork in an artist statement or another format.


Compare and contrast how technologies have changed the way artwork is preserved, presented, and experienced.


Based on criteria, analyze and evaluate methods for preparing and presenting art.


Compare and contrast viewing and experiencing collections and exhibitions in different venues.


Explain how the method of display, the location, and the experience of an artwork influence how it is perceived and valued.


Analyze multiple ways that images influence specific audiences.


Interpret art by analyzing artmaking approaches, the characteristics of form and structure, relevant contextual information, subject matter, and use of media to identify ideas and mood conveyed.


Compare and explain the difference between an evaluation of an artwork based on personal criteria and an evaluation of an artwork based on a set of established criteria.