Idaho State Standards for Science (2016) — Grade K

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Make observations and collect data.


Measure in non-standard units


Apply the concepts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Use cooperation and interaction skills


Use senses to describe matter.


Observe and describe the characteristics of plants and animals


Describe the difference between living and non-living things


Name the four seasons


Place the four seasons in order.


Describe characteristics of a man-made environment (home, school).

K.S.Goal 1.1

Understand Systems, Order, and Organization

K.S.Goal 1.2

Understand Concepts and Processes of Evidence, Models, and Explanations

K.S.Goal 1.3

Understand Constancy, Change, and Measurement

K.S.Goal 1.4

Understand the Theory that Evolution is a Process that Relates to the Gradual Changes in the Universe and of Equilibrium as a Physical State

K.S.Goal 1.5

Understand Concepts of Form and Function

K.S.Goal 1.6

Understand Scientific Inquiry and Develop Critical Thinking Skills

K.S.Goal 1.7

Understand That Interpersonal Relationships Are Important in Scientific Endeavors

K.S.Goal 1.8

Understand Technical Communication

K.S.Goal 2.1

Understand the Structure and Function of Matter and Molecules and Their Interactions

K.S.Goal 2.2

Understand Concepts of Motion and Forces

K.S.Goal 2.3

Understand the Total Energy in the Universe is Constant

K.S.Goal 2.4

Understand the Structure of Atoms

K.S.Goal 2.5

Understand Chemical Reactions

K.S.Goal 3.1

Understand the Theory of Biological Evolution

K.S.Goal 3.2

Understand the Relationship between Matter and Energy in Living Systems

K.S.Goal 3.3

Understand the Cell is the Basis of Form and Function for All Living Things

K.S.Goal 4.1

Understand Scientific Theories of Origin and Subsequent Changes in the Universe and Earth Systems

K.S.Goal 4.2

Understand Geo-chemical Cycles and Energy in the Earth System

K.S.Goal 5.1

Understand Common Environmental Quality Issues, Both Natural and Human Induced

K.S.Goal 5.2

Understand the Relationship between Science and Technology

K.S.Goal 5.3

Understand the Importance of Natural Resources and the Need to Manage and Conserve Them