Hospitality and Tourism Career Field Standards — Grade 11

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Outcome 1.11

Principles of Business Economics

Outcome 1.2

Leadership and Communications

Outcome 1.3

Business Ethics and Law

Outcome 1.4

Knowledge Management and Information Technology

Outcome 1.7


Outcome 2.1

Hospitality and Tourism Fundamentals

Outcome 2.2

Hospitality and Tourism Environment

Outcome 3.1

Pathogens, Illnesses and Diseases

Outcome 3.2

Personal Safety and Sanitation

Outcome 3.3

Food Safety and Sanitation

Outcome 3.4

Equipment Safety and Sanitation

Outcome 3.5

Site Safety and Sanitation

Outcome 4.1

Culinary Industry Fundamentals

Outcome 4.2

Sandwiches and Appetizers

Outcome 4.3

Ingredient Selection and Preparation

Outcome 4.4

Food Staples and Sides Preparation

Outcome 4.5

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Outcome 4.8

Banquet and HighVolume Cookery

Outcome 5.1

Baking and Pastry Science

Outcome 5.2

Baking, Confectionary Arts and Pastry Techniques

Outcome 5.4

Decorating and Presentation

Outcome 6.3

Research for Recipe Development

Outcome 7.1

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Outcome 7.2

Kitchen Management and Distribution

Outcome 8.3

Housekeeping Operations

Outcome 9.1

Travel and Tourism Fundamentals

Outcome 9.3

Travel Services and Operations

Outcome 9.4

Travel and Tourism Promotion

Outcome 9.7

Event SetUp, Execution and Evaluation