Oklahoma English Language Arts Learning Standards — Grade 4

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Affixes, Roots, and Derivatives a. Interpret new words by analyzing the meaning of prefixes and suffixes. b. Use knowledge of root words (e.g., snow, snowbound, snowdrift) and word parts (therm = heat) derived from Greek and Latin to analyze the meaning of complex words (thermometer).


Punctuation: Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate punctuation in writing. a. Parentheses b. Quotation marks c. Terminal punctuation d. Punctuation in common abbreviations and after an initial e. Apostrophes in contractions and possessives f. Commas g. Colons, and semi-colons h. Hyphens and dashes


Using Resource Materials a. Use a thesaurus to determine related words and concepts. b. Determine the meanings and pronunciations of unknown words by using a glossary and/or dictionary.


Spelling: Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate application of spelling knowledge to the revising and editing stages of writing. a. Spell correctly roots, inflections (e.g., -s/es, -ing, -ly, -er), suffixes (e.g., -ment, -ness, -able, -sion, -tion), and prefixes (e.g., dis-, in-, un-, re-, mis-, pre-). b. Spell homophones correctly according to usage (e.g., to, too, two; there, their, they're). c. Use more complex patterns in producing conventional spellings (e.g., ought = brought, fought; urse = nurse, purse). d. Use word reference materials including glossary, dictionary, and technology to check correct spelling


Handwriting: Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate, legible cursive handwriting in the writing process.


Edit/proofread drafts, using standard editing marks, to ensure standard usage, mechanics, spelling, and varied sentence structure.


Publish and present writing to peers and adults.