Nebraska English Learning Standards — Grade 10

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LA 12.2.2.e

Analyze various mentor texts and/or exemplars in order to create a similar piece.

LA 12.2.2.a

Communicate information and ideas effectively in analytic, argumentative, descriptive, informative, narrative, poetic, persuasive, and reflective modes to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats

LA 12.3.2.c

Complete a task following complex multi-step directions.

LA 10.1.2d

Mastered in Kindergarten and blended with other skills at this grade band.

LA 10.2.1.j

Publish a legible document using a variety of media, and apply various formatting techniques to enhance the readability and impact of the document (e.g., fonts, spacing, design, images, style conventions, citations, and manuscript requirements).

LA 10.1.6.b

Analyze and evaluate the relationships between elements of literary text (e.g., characterization, setting, plot development, internal and external conflict, inferred and recurring themes, point of view, tone, mood).

LA 12.4.2.b

Use appropriate digital tools (e.g., social media, online collaborative tools, apps) to communicate with others for conveying information, gathering opinions, and solving problems.

LA 10.3.3e

Collaboratively converse with peers and adults on grade-appropriate topics and texts, building on others' ideas to clearly and persuasively express one's own views while respecting diverse perspectives.

LA 12.1.6.g

Cite specific textual evidence to analyze and evaluate the effects of historical, cultural, biographical, and political influences of literary and informational text written by culturally diverse authors, to develop a regional, national, and international multicultural