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Teach Civic Responsibility With These Voting Resources for Students of All Ages

In one of the most crucial election seasons in recent history, teachers have expressed a need for quality resources to bring culturally-relevant lessons to young voters and voters-to-be. This week, we bring you just that, including a high school voter registration kit which we’ve partnered with HeadCount to create.

It’s hard not to address politics in the classroom when you’re in the final month of one of the most heated presidential elections this country has faced in recent history.

Which is why many teachers are opting, in the spirit of culturally relevant pedagogy, to teach students about their civic responsibilities, and how to vote locally during a time when the election is practically buzzing around our ears.

Keep reading to find fun and engaging prompts, thought-provoking playlists that can be used for blended or distance learning, and general election resources for students of every age.

Voting Registration Resources for High School Students

If your students are old enough to vote – or getting close, it’s essential to teach them the things they need to vote responsibly.

A good place to start is by understanding why many young people don’t vote – according to John Holbein, researcher and author of the book “Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Action,” the low turnout of younger voters has more to do with a lack of skills and confidence, than a lackadaisical attitude towards politics.

“For young people, it’s just intimidating and kind of scary, especially for many of them growing up in households that don’t talk about politics and don’t hear about contemporary politics in their schools very much. The idea of being plunged into the deep end of voting was kind of intimidating,” says Hobstein (EdWeek).

Luckily, organizations like HeadCount exist to gather all of the resources, deadlines, and planning tools to help students grasp a better understanding of how to vote. Which is why we partnered with them this year to create a High School Registration Digital Kit to equip teachers within the Kiddom community (and beyond!) with a helpful toolkit.

Find the High School Voter Registration Kit below, and keep reading for more resources to teach students of all ages all about voting.

High School Voting Registration Kit by HeadCount + Kiddom

Voting Playlists for K-12th Grade Students 

(Handy for Remote Learning)

If your students aren’t old enough to vote yet, it’s never too early to start teaching civic responsibility! Here are a number of playlists to instill an early understanding of the voting process, and to inspire young people to make their voices heard.

What are “playlists”? Useful for either blended or distance learning, Kiddom’s “playlists” are themed collections of mixed media resources curated around a particular subject. You can find all of the resources in the following playlists within the Kiddom content library, as well as over 70,000 teaching resources searchable by standard, grade, subject, publisher, or content type.

Teachers can use the free Kiddom Classroom app to assign a handful of resources from these playlists to students to complete at their own pace, or simply keep the playlists in your Planner for future lesson planning.

Grades 3-12: The Importance of Midterm Elections


Grades K-12: The Future Voter’s Manual


Grades 6-12: How to Vote Responsibly


Grades K-12: This Little Light – The Role of Youth in the Civil Rights Movement

Additional Voting Resources for K-12th Grade Students

Here are a number of external resources to instill an early understanding of the voting process, and to inspire young people to make their voices heard.

Kids Can Vote Too! (For the Scholastic Student Vote!)


Curated, Non-Partisan Election Teaching Resources by


Free Non-Partisan Democracy Curriculum & Lesson Plans by Rock the Vote


10 Activities That Teach the Presidential Voting Process by


To teachers and parents who have become home-school teachers due to the pandemic:

The work you’re doing right now is so important. We want to thank you for your perseverance during during such a difficult time. Did we miss any great voting resources you’ve come across? Have any great tips for how to teach voting and democracy from home? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the article.

As always, happy teaching and learning!

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