Standards-Based Grading Promotes Differentiated Instruction

Teacher Reviewing Standards for Students


Offer Individualized Support With Competency-Based Curriculum

Grades should have meaning. Standards-based grading brings a new depth of understanding to grades and places importance on what students learn over how much work students do. Standards-based grading describes student progress in relation to academic standards, allowing students to recognize both strength and growth areas.

Using Kiddom, teachers create standards-based curriculum and assessment to offer more targeted academic support. To learn more about standards-based grading and what it could look like in your classroom, download our free guides.

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Standards-Based Grading 101

An Introduction to Standards-Based Grading


Standards-Based Grading 102

Standards-Based Grading for ELA and Social Studies


Standards-Based Grading 103

Standards-Based Grading for the Arts


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