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A Trusted Voice Heard by Kiddom

Kiddom awards its Trusted Voice badge to bloggers, magazines, and publications we believe to be a trustworthy resource for our passionate, 21st century educators.

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What's Kiddom

Kiddom is a free, standards-based platform for teachers to curate personalized learning experiences.

Standards-Based Grading

Kiddom believes grades should have meaning. Standards-based grading emphasizes what students learn over how much work students do.

Teacher Voice

Read stories from Kiddom’s community of teachers, partners, and advocates.

Why is a Trusted Voice Important?

Teachers are often constrained by limited access to quality tools or mandated use of ineffective tools that do not meet their students’ needs. Kiddom believes technology should be utilized to close the achievement gap and level the playing field for all students. A Trusted Voice badge is awarded to contributors whose mission and/or educational philosophy is aligned with our own.

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