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The Future of Teaching & Learning

Spend more time teaching, increase engagement & reduce teacher workload with access to high-quality curriculum and streamlined lessons.

Meet Our Digital Curriculum Partners

Kiddom only partners with the highest-quality curriculum partners, who are top-rated by EdReports. Choose
what’s best for your learning community.

  • Illustrative Mathematics K-12
  • OpenSciEd 6-8
  • Core Knowledge Language Arts Grade 6
  • Complete CKLA 6-8 package (Coming 2023)
open up resources
  • EL Education K-8 ELA Curriculum
  • Open Up Resources K-12 Math Curriculum

Stay Prepared for Distance or Blended Learning

COVID-19 brings many uncertainties. Stay flexible with Kiddom, where curriculum and lessons can easily be
adjusted to keep students engaged, no matter where learning happens.

  • Schools can ensure continuity of learning with high quality digital curriculum from one of our curriculum partners, or import their own
  • Teachers can contextualize for any situation with editable curriculum and new distance learning tools to host virtual classes, chat from student roster, and more
  • Students can work at their own pace to complete work in a variety of ways, even recording audio and video without leaving the platform
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The Future of Digital, Personalized Learning

Digital curriculum, instruction, and assessments, all in one platform.


Deliver standards-aligned, highly rated open curriculum to students, or build and share your own.


Contextualize and modify open curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners.


Make assessments fun and interactive, and provide teachers with data to differentiate instruction.

Bring your Entire School Community Together

Save time on lesson planning and personalize instruction.

  • Find and assign resources from our content library
  • View performance reports by student and by class
  • Assign lessons based on mastery levels
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Empower students with a clear path forward.

  • Show kids where they stand and how to improve
  • Find resources for skill development right in Kiddom
  • Assign homework with clear direction
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Engage parents early and often.

  • View digital progress reports
  • See skills mastered and areas for development
  • Click into classroom data and see the status of assignments
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Spend less time gathering data and more time acting on it.

  • View district and school-wide trends in real-time
  • Drill down into classroom detail
  • Share curriculum updates school-wide
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When we first got introduced to Kiddom, I was so elated. It gives students the ability to use their digital native skills—something that is sometimes foreign to me, is an afterthought for them. Kiddom is change in education; it’s helping us ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century.

Katie RicherMath & Science Teacher @ ECO

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