Free PD and Other Online Resources for Classrooms Impacted by COVID-19

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Bring curriculum to life and meet the needs of every learner

Connected to instruction and assessments for the first time, curriculum reaches its full potential to cultivate teaching and learning.

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The future of digital, personalized learning

Digital curriculum, instruction, and assessments, all in one platform.


Deliver standards-aligned, highly rated open curriculum to students, or build and share your own.

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Contextualize and modify open curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners.

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Make assessments fun and interactive, and provide teachers with data to differentiate instruction.

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Bring your entire school community together

Save time on lesson planning and personalize instruction.

  • Access curriculum and deliver assignments, digitally
  • Communicate with students and deliver feedback on submissions
  • Remediate and enrich individually and/or by performance groups
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Free For Teachers!

Empower students with a clear path forward.

  • View homework and complete assessments directly in Kiddom
  • Communicate easily with teachers and see feedback attached to assignments
  • Kids can see where they stand and what skills they need to improve
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Engage parents early and often.

  • View digital progress reports
  • See skills mastered and areas for development
  • Click into classroom data and see the status of assignments

Spend less time gathering data and more time acting on it.

  • Share curriculum school-wide and collaborate to bring it to life
  • View district and schoolwide trends in real-time
  • Drill down into classroom or student detail
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Katie Richer

When we first got introduced to Kiddom, I was so elated. It gives students the ability to use their digital native skills—something that is sometimes foreign to me, is an afterthought for them. Kiddom is change in education; it’s helping us ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century.

Katie Richer
Math & Science Teacher @ ECO

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