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At a typical Kiddom school, hands are in the air, there’s a buzz in the room, and teachers are energized.

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Simplify and connect teaching and learning

Say goodbye to siloed tools with curriculum, instruction and assessment all in one place. Align curriculum and learning management and receive early warning data only available in Kiddom.

Curriculum Management

Your single source of truth for all things curriculum. Align curriculum to student performance data to find and repeat what worked for students.

Personalize Learning

A win-win for teachers and students: teachers save time on lesson planning and students take ownership over learning.

See Early Warnings

Empower every member of your learning community to take action and support students with targeted, real-time data.

Geoff Schmidt

Kiddom liberates our classrooms from the constraints of a traditional model and sets up a utopian condition for our teachers and students to thrive. Our teachers feel supported, rather than overwhelmed, and students feel their individual needs are met.

Geoff Schmidt
Engagement Director, Opportunity Academy High School

Bring your entire school community together

Spending hours looking for the right resources for your students? We can help.

  • 70,000 standards-aligned resources in our library
  • Student performance and mastery reports
  • Individual or group assignment based on mastery
  • Pathways to enable self-paced instruction for students
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