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Kiddom + Your School





Say goodbye to siloed tools with curriculum, instruction, and assessment all in one place.


A Centralized Hub for Teaching and Learning

System Intelligence

Monitor and take action on school-wide trends and student achievement

Personalization Tools

Simple and beautiful features to differentiate and blend instruction

Responsive Curriculum Management

Design, deploy, and fine-tune curriculum within and across school communities

Role-Based Access

Equip every stakeholder with analytics and actions just right for them

“I can see where my class and any student is at any moment in their educational journey. This way I can take action to assist them to work towards mastery.”

Mr. AlbrechtHigh School Teacher

“Kiddom is great for assessing data and then assigning appropriate work based on individual student performance. I love that it's very easy to attach standards and rubric to every assignment.”

Jackie CurtsElementary School Teacher

“Using Kiddom has made me stop and ask ‘Am I just letting this student repeat what they already know or am I really challenging them?’”

Ann LeghornHigh School Literacy Specialist


Innovative schools use Kiddom to meet their academic goals

Marshall County Schools
Integrating technology is critical to enable personalization and student centered learning district-wide

South Marshall Elementary
Learn how shifting planning and instruction to personalized curriculum supports student choice and voice

Jonathan Elementary
How one school used Kiddom to help students develop justification skills in mathematics classrooms


Tools for Professional Development

Guides for Educators

Insights to set up student-centered instructional models on Kiddom

Guides for Administrators

Best practices on instructional models that promote student choice and voice

Help Center

Learn how to implement, configure, and use Kiddom's products


Are You a School or District Leader?

Schools and districts use Kiddom as a source of truth to measure achievement, manage and deploy curriculum, and enable collaborative teaching.