It Takes a Village: Introducing Kiddom Academy

Measure the pulse of teaching and learning in your community

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One stop shop

From curriculum to content to analytics, everything is in one collaborative platform

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Meaningful analytics

Track school and/or district-wide progress using actionable reports

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Sharing is caring

Every stakeholder in the school community is connected and informed

Selected Pilot Schools and Pilot Districts

Choose the plan that's right for your community

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School Plan

For schools and small organizations

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School-level management and controls

Class and school-level intelligence reports

Student progress forecasts for RTI

School-level curriculum management

Tailored onboarding and setup

Rostering and school directory

Priority support

Professional development workshops

Product feedback sessions

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District Plan

For districts, networks, and large organizations

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Everything offered to schools on top of...

District-level management and controls

District-level intelligence reports

Custom reports for priority standards

Curriculum and assessment management

SIS integration

Dedicated district-support specialist

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