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Behind the Scenes, Beyond the Bot: Kiddom Customer Success

By October 9, 2020February 21st, 2022Back-to-School, Team Kiddom

Do you remember the first time you logged into Kiddom? Between creating a class, editing curriculum, and inviting students, there were endless possibilities for starting the school year on the right foot. Along with endless possibilities comes a fair share of questions. Good thing the app has a blue chat bubble letting you know that Customer Success Manager at Kiddom is only a click away. 

But our story doesn’t begin there. It begins the moment your school or district signs a contract with Kiddom, making a commitment to improving student outcomes and teacher workflows. Who is there to show you the ropes? How do you ensure that you’re using Kiddom to the fullest? How do you know Kiddom will bring you closer to your goals, year after year?

Back-to-school season is the busiest time of year for a Kiddom Customer Success Manager, as they prepare to train dozens of learning communities with in-depth welcome sessions, Office Hours, and 1:1 coaching with teachers. Over the course of the year, our team dedicates countless hours to:

    1. Hearing you out. Our team is there to answer any questions you may have via email, face to face, or our user-friendly in-app chat. Test it out today—on average, it takes us 5 minutes or less to respond!


    1. Anticipating your needs. At the Kiddom Help Desk, we have a forum of posts that cover the answers to all of the most popular questions. These articles have step-by-step instructions for setting up Kiddom, GIFs to confirm where you should click, and are organized in sequences that will help you make the most of Kiddom.


    1. Advocating for you. Whenever there’s a bug or a software issue with Kiddom, you don’t have to get on the phone and wait in a queue to speak to a human being, who may or may not be equipped to fix the problem right away. We do things differently. At Kiddom, Customer Success Managers are there to listen to you and investigate and resolve any platform issues. 


    1. Adapting to your goals. At the start of the school year, your one and only goal may be to get the ball rolling. We get that. But beyond the back-to-school season, Kiddom Customer Success Managers meet regularly with school or district leaders and key users to set goals that line up with the school year, and to assess how helpful and effective Kiddom is so far.


  1. Offering multi-channel support. In the app, we share weekly tips with our school & district customers on timely ways to use Kiddom features. If you follow us on social media, you don’t have to look too far for a tech tip about Kiddom. The Kiddom After Class video series shares 90-second tips on how to use Kiddom to the fullest. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Customer Success team at Kiddom is committed to helping educators ensure quality of learning at a distance, or in-person. Partnership is the means, method, and measure of success. When your goals evolve, so will our approach to supporting teaching and learning in your community. 

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