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Kiddom + Illustrative Mathematics®

With IM® v.360, students learn math by doing math. Students are encouraged to use their current understanding of math, their lived experiences, and the world around them as resources for problem-solving.

Teachers invite all students to contribute to mathematical learning, centering student thinking, and being responsive as students develop conceptual understanding.

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Redefining Math Education for the Next Generation

With Illustrative Mathematics’ curricula and Kiddom’s dynamic digital resources, teachers are seamlessly connected to the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.


Illustrative Mathematics IM v.360
K-12 Math Curriculum

Rated all-green by EdReports: IM v.360 K-12 Math meets all expectations across all three gateways for focus, coherence, rigor, mathematical practices, and usability.
Grounded in best practices: IM’s instructional model is rooted in well-respected pedagogy and methodology to support a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum.

Built-in instructional routines and activities structured around the 5 Practices for orchestrating Mathematical Discussions, students are given opportunities to work on problems using their own understanding before instruction on how to solve them.

Why Does Digital Curriculum Matter?

Real-World Problem Solving

Illustrative Mathematics curriculum guides students to learn by solving problems and explaining their solutions using precise language. Kiddom brings this to life through a variety of problem types – from multiple choice to multi-select and more – allowing students to solve problems and present answers in a variety of ways.

Actionable Insights

Kiddom gives live, actionable data on how the curriculum is being used at the classroom level, and provides student performance insight to both teachers and admins. Student progress data shows both teachers and students how they’re progressing on individual standards or the overall mastery level.

Simplify Workflows

Having everything both teachers and students need to access in one system removes noise and distraction from the learning process. Kiddom puts everything a teacher needs—curriculum, lesson planning, assessments, grading, presentation materials, and classroom communication—in one system. Students see all their lessons and assignments on one screen, empowering them to manage their own learning.

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