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Unlock Potential with Kiddom
K-12 Reading & English Language Arts

Take your literacy classrooms to the next level with Kiddom!

Designed by teachers for teachers, this robust digital platform simplifies instructional tasks, meets varying student needs, and includes a powerful feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Simple Navigation Puts the Entire Curriculum At Your Fingertips

Stop juggling multiple teacher guides! With Kiddom, all of your literacy planning, instruction, and assessment materials are organized for quick and easy access.

Save Time with Teacher-Ready Resources

Kiddom provides high-quality teachers materials that let you to spend less time planning and more time where it matter most. This includes lesson presentations, classroom routines, parent materials, and more!

Power Live Learning with Lesson Launch

Imagine being able to pop into each student’s digital work – as they are completing it! Guide learning and adapt instruction in real-time. You’ll also see activity completion percentages and get immediate results to drive next steps.

Strengthening Literacy for the Future

Explore Literacy Curricula and Assessments Powered by Kiddom:

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

Core Knowledge Language Arts


Odell Literacy
High School

Interim Assessments
Grades 2-8

 EL Education-Aligned
Interim Assessments
Grades 2-8