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Kiddom Exponentially Improves
K-12 Math Outcomes

Kiddom is more than a digital version of your lesson plans –

It’s an instructional powerhouse that will elevate teaching and learning with an unparalleled combination of time-saving instructional tools, engaging student resources, and instant feedback on student understanding.

Effortless Access to Your Entire Curriculum

No more juggling multiple teacher guides or downloading PDFs from resource sites!
With Kiddom, all of your math planning, instruction, and assessment materials are in one, easy-to-navigate location!

Ready-to-Use Teaching Materials

We’ve included every aspect of your chosen math curriculum – AND additional expertly-crafted teaching resources, like interactive Lesson Presentations, so you can spend less time creating materials and more time doing what matters most.

Synchronous Learning with Lesson Launch

Imagine being able to pop into each student’s digital work – as they are completing it! Correct misconceptions and adapt instruction in real time. You’ll also see completion percentages and get immediate results to drive next instructional steps.

Math Tools To Make Abstract Ideas Concrete

Empower Students Voice and Choice

Allow your students to fully express their mathematical thinking when they choose from a collection of five Kiddom response tools:

  • Draw an illustration
  • Write an explanation
  • Take a photo of written work
  • Create an audio recording
  • Create a video






Explore Math Curricula and Assessments Powered by Kiddom:

Open Up Resources

Illustrative Mathematics IM360

Interim Assessments
Grades 2-12

Illustrative Math-Aligned
Interim Assessments
Grades 2-12