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Kiddom Teacher Spotlights: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Month by Recognizing Educators

By May 5, 2021July 15th, 2022Educator Spotlight, K-12 Teachers, Stories
Kiddom Teacher Spotlights

As part of our ongoing series of Teacher Appreciation Month Activities, Kiddom Teacher Spotlights will be announced every week during the month of May. Come back every Thursday to see the new featured educator!

As part of our Teacher Appreciation Month celebrations, we wanted to recognize teachers within the Kiddom community who excel in: communication + feedback, engagement, and curriculum development. These categories were chosen to emphasize the many ways teachers empower students in and beyond the classroom.

To select each spotlight, our customer success team used the data available to them (and to the learning communities who are using our platform!) to highlight the following educators who have gone above and beyond for their students and communities this past year.

Join us in congratulating them all!

The 2021 Kiddom Teacher Spotlight Recipients

Excellence in Communication & Feedback

Jennifer is a 6th grade Language Arts teacher at Hayward Community Schools, Wisconsin. She was selected by CSM Shannon Doyle for her excellent communication & feedback skills.

What inspired Jennifer to become an educator?

“I love working with kids ( I always have; my teenage jobs were as a dance instructor for kids and a summer camp counselor at a YMCA youth camp). I want to be a positive role model for my students and to instill in them a lifetime love for reading.”

Kelly Ryder, Director of Curriculum and Programs at Hayward, had a couple of words to share with us about Jennifer as well:

“Jen is an amazing educator who puts students first in everything she does. One of her best qualities is that she is so solution-focused, which makes her a huge advocate for the students she serves. Because of her perseverance, she has been able to leverage Kiddom not only for reporting and feedback but also for student engagement. In fact, the ease with which she is able to use Kiddom to present our EL Education curriculum was used as a model for other teachers in our district in this first year of implementation.”

Most Engaged Teacher

Mary is a founding teacher at an urban charter school in Youngstown, Ohio. She teaches 4th and 5th grade ELA and Math.

What inspired Mary to become an educator?

“I became an educator to help students become academically and personally successful. I believe that school is for more than learning math and reading. Emotional and social skills are cultivated in the classroom and can truly help a student become personally successful. I struggled in elementary school, but had some amazing teachers that helped me through. I want to be able to be that teacher for my students. I love the feeling of connecting with students and helping them achieve their personal and academic goals. ”

Mary is also a Kiddom blog contributor! Thank you Mary for sharing your knowledge with us and our teaching community. To read all about how she used and is planning on using Blended Learning in the classroom, read her blog post  Blended Learning With Kiddom: Lab Rotation for Face-to-Face & Remote Learning.

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