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Stay Prepared for Blended or Distance Learning

COVID-19 brings many uncertainties, but with Kiddom, educators are prepared for teaching and learning, in school, at home, or both.

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Stay Ready for Teaching and Learning in Any Environment

Flexible Features for Administrators, Teachers, and Students

Use the toggles below to explore how Kiddom lets you easily adjust for in-class blended learning or distance learning.

Ensure Continuity of Learning Through High-Quality Digital Curriculum

Administrators can share top-rated, quality digital curriculum from Open Up Resources (or build/import your own), to bring equitable learning experiences from a common starting point to any environment.

Manage Curriculum for In-Person Blended Learning

Curriculum roles can:

  • Align standards across various resources, set scope and sequence, and attach blended instructional supports that can only be viewed by teachers.
  • Share engaging, blended resources with teachers and foster their autonomy to personalize by skill group in a station/lab rotation setting.
  • Identify real-time trends in performance and tie them to content usage and in-class instruction.
  • Promote usage of Open Up Resources curriculum, available in Kiddom, which enables many opportunities for students to demonstrate their work via a flipped model of instruction.

Contextualize Instruction for Any Situation

Teachers have the flexibility to easily edit curriculum, assign engaging activities from a library of resources, and to keep up communication in class or online.

Planning Lessons for Blended Learning

Teachers can:

  • Contextualize curriculum by easily adjusting assessments, resources, and grading modes.
  • Share assignments digitally by class, group, or individual that can be completed in-class or online.
  • Extend classroom interaction by sending individual messages directly within assignments for student privacy in the classroom.
  • Personalize learning for students with an easy edit curriculum feature and a content library of over 70,000 blended resources.

Engage Students to Take Ownership of Their Own Learning

Students can work at their own pace with asynchronous communication around assignments and easy access through laptop or mobile.

Engage Students with Blended Learning Activities

Students can:

  • Access Timeline for fun, interactive lessons and blended activities that can be completed in-class or at their own pace.
  • Gain a clear view of their learning progress against standards and grades and dig deeper into which skills they can improve upon.
  • Communicate directly with their teacher(s) to show the thinking behind their answers or to privately ask for help.

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