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Kiddom's Educator Brain Trust

A collaborative group of educators from all over the world


Who Comprises the Educator Brain Trust?

Consisting of active users, advocates, and leaders, the Educator Brain Trust works directly with Kiddom to shape and influence product decisions. The Educator Brain Trust provides feedback, asks questions, and voices concerns over electronic Fireside Chats.

Kiddom is looking for passionate and inspiring educators to help ground the organization in their work and connection to school communities. The Educator Brain Trust understands how vital it is for education technology companies to fully understand “what it’s really like” in schools, big and small. The Educator Brain Trust is invested in helping Kiddom develop solutions to serve all students.

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Why Join the Educator Brain Trust?


Provide your unique voice in shaping a specific product or feature


Shape solutions for 21st century educators and students


Access a new set of features before anyone else


Connect with fellow Brain Trust members to share best practices


We’ll publicly shout you via our social media outlets, among other surprises


Everyone loves free swag, but you’ll get enough to share with students