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Katie Chirhart, Feb 13, 2017

Teachers, there is a new player in the educational market. This FREE resource is extraordinarily easy-to-use. However, when questions arise, chat with the friendly staff via the Kiddom website or choose from several available PD resources posted on the website. You won’t want to miss out on this spectacular, classroom enhancing platform.
Abbas Manjee, Feb 6, 2017

With Kiddom's Planner, teachers can design curriculum for a class and easily modify pathways for groups or individual students. The Planner will be integrated with the Kiddom platform, which means teachers can effectively plan, assess, and analyze learning from one place.
Richard Byrne, Jan 28, 2017

Here are my three recommendations for a free alternative to Google Classroom. One of the things that Kiddom offers to try to make itself stand out is an integrated search for assignment materials. For example, fourth grade teachers can search for mathematics assignments that are aligned to standards of their choosing.
Angie Kalthoff, Jan 24, 2017

The addition of high-end teaching tools including premade lessons, ones that can be modified and/or the option to create your own, as well as collect essential data are now the norm. So what apps should you have in your digital toolkit? Here are 6 apps that every teacher should know about.
Monica Burns, Jan 11, 2017

The Kiddom app helps 21st century students to stay organized, submit work, and get feedback in a timely manner. Students can use the Kiddom app on their iPhone or iPad to learn on their own time. The app let students ask clarifying questions in-the-moment, to make their learning experiences meaningful and productive.
Priyanka Gupta, Jan 11, 2017

Kiddom is one good tool to be incorporated in the teaching and learning practice. It saves teachers from having to “recreate the wheel” over and over again by leveraging pre-made, standards-aligned assessments.
Jacqui Murray, Oct 28, 2016

Today, teachers want to call out student strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and areas of improvement, as aligned with the standards that their school mission is built on. That requires a detailed picture of what students have learned.
Abbas Manjee, Oct 17, 2016

Teachers need more education technology companies thoughtfully creating and providing SEL content and services. And they need schools to provide the professional development they need to learn how to effectively weave SEL into curriculum.
Emily Liebtag, Sep 19, 2016

Kiddom is a free platform teachers can use to think about student work from both an academic and social emotional learning lens. Using activities from different sites (such as CK-12, Khan Academy, and CommonLit) or teacher-created activities, teachers can integrate and provide students feedback on both SEL competencies and academic standards.
Michael Karlin, Sep 13, 2016

When I sat down to discuss Kiddom with their team, the first thing that came up was their educational philosophy, and why they see Kiddom as being beneficial. “Anyone could have created Kiddom, because there are so many teachers suffering from the same issues” says Kiddom Chief Academic Officer Abbas Manjee, a former NYC teacher.
Monica Burns, Sep 4, 2016

Kiddom is a free platform that uses data on student performance to help teachers create personalized learning experiences for each child in their classroom. Gathering and acting on formative assessment data is such an important role of teachers...
Jeff Bradbury, Aug 29, 2016

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Abbas Manjee from Kiddom and Ann Leghorn, a New York educator to discuss how Kiddom is being deployed in classrooms worldwide.
Nick Grantham, Aug 23, 2016

With access to Kiddom’s student mastery analytics the ability to make informed and sound instructional decisions based on real data is easy. There is no trawling through multiple sources, numbers, papers and stats. It is clear, it is visual and it is delightfully intuitive. And this is what real personalized learning looks like!
The Edvocate, Aug 22, 2016

See, what Kiddom creators got right is this: most teachers are haphazardly using multiple resources, aggregating on their own, and using a less-than-stellar grade book option because it’s all they have at their disposal. All of that takes up too much time and can frankly lead to some understandable frustration. Kiddom cuts right to the heart of that conundrum by consolidating resources and placing everything a teacher needs for lesson planning, grading, classroom organization, student tracking, and assessments in a central, easy-to-use hub.
Michael Karlin, Aug 16, 2016

Overall, I believe Kiddom is an excellent resource for teachers and students who are using standards-based grading in their classroom. The interface is extremely user-friendly and the data visualizations of student achievement make it easy to make informed, data-driven decisions about assignments and instructional content.
Ann Leghorn, Aug 1, 2016

More time with students is always a win. This upcoming school year, I’ll be able to start strong and waste less time creating and updating spreadsheets and 'trackers.' I encourage all educators to do themselves a favor and do the research. Figure out what education technology tools are out there trying to solve the problem you’re up against. Don’t recreate the wheel if you don’t have to.
Monica Burns, Jul 27, 2016

Preparing for back-to-school? On the hunt for a new tool? Kiddom is a personalized learning platform that helps teachers monitor student progress. Earlier this year I featured Kiddom on my site after viewing a demo to see it in action.
Derek Newton, Jul 26, 2016

Kiddom, the standards-based grading platform for teachers, gets an impressive once-over from Jennifer Gonzalez, the boss over at Cult of Pedagogy. That’s high praise and that’s why, for teachers, Kiddom may be worth a strong look.
Angela Watson, Jun 1, 2016

Kiddom allows teachers to assign work that is best suited to each student’s learning style AND tracks student progress, all in one place... there are lots of activities to choose from and finding the right one for each student is greatly simplified.
Richard Byrne, Jun 1, 2016

One of the things that Kiddom offers to try to make itself stand out is an integrated search for assignment materials. Teachers can also create assignments from scratch by uploading materials and or importing them them Google Drive.
Juan Diego Polo, Jun 1, 2016

Kiddom se presenta como una solución que los profesores pueden usar para registrar alumnos y asignaturas y, desde Internet o aplicación iOS, enviarles tareas de diversos tipos.
Red Todo Online, Jun 1, 2016

Sin dudas que es una aplicación con mucho futuro por delante.
Jennifer Gonzalez, Apr 17, 2016

Kiddom’s free tools will take what was once a pile of numbers and turn it into the kind of focused, impactful work standards-based instruction is supposed to be…some might even say wonderful.
Monica Burns, Apr 4, 2016

Kiddom lets educators curate personalized learning experiences by choosing which resources are "just-right" for students.