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Ask a Tech Teacher, "Integrate OUR Curricula into Your Kiddom Digital Platform."

Jacqui Murray, November 13, 2019

To me, the growing popularity of web-based curricula is no surprise. The problem is trying to blend them effortlessly into a class LMS or learning platform without lots of extra clicks and logins. Kiddom’s partnership with highly-rated Open Up Resources changes that.

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EdSurge, "Open-Up Resources Takes a Digital Leap Through Kiddom Partnership."

Tony Wan, November 01, 2019

We want educators to see how it connects with students and see the impact that curriculum makes on learning outcomes,” Dr. Dendtler adds. “That’s why the partnership with Kiddom is important. It brings the analytics to understand who we’re serving.” That data can also inform updates to Open Up’s curriculum.

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Tech & Learning, "Social Emotional Learning Revolutionizes ISTE."

Caitlin Krause, July 31, 2019

Kiddom is a platform that’s designed to help teachers save time, connecting schools from bottom-up and top-down, using data and research as a guidepost. Because Kiddom is interdisciplinary, SEL is interwoven into its fabric. Kiddom includes resources to ensure teachers know how to incorporate SEL.

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Ask a Tech Teacher

Jacqui Murray, January 17, 2019

The top 10 product reviews of 2018: Kiddom, Google, math programs, digital storytelling tools, and more in K-12.

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