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Standards-Based Grading 101

An Introduction to Standards-Based Grading


Standards-Based Grading 102

Standards-Based Grading for ELA and Social Studies


Standards-Based Grading 103

Standards-Based Grading for the Arts


Standards-Based Grading 104

Mastery-Based Learning for S.T.E.M. Bonus: 4 Sample SBG Lesson Plans


Blended Learning 101

Learn how blended learning can transform your practice


Blended Learning 102

Learn which blended learning model is suitable for you


Content Area Literacy 101

Content Area Literacy 101


Social Emotional Learning 101

Learn how to teach the whole child


Lesson Template for Support and Enrichment

Customize and share this template to plan for a full range of student abilities and needs


Supports for Learning Challenges and Disabilities

Useful for general and special education teachers alike, this resource goes over indicators and strategies for many common learning challenges and disabilities


School and District Resources

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Student and Parent Resources

Everything you need to know about your child’s account

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A Kiddom guide for students

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Visit Kiddom’s Help Desk for support articles

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Sep 6th

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Sep 3rd

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