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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month With Kiddom: Giveaways, Awards, and More!

One day to appreciate teachers isn’t enough. This year, Kiddom will celebrating teacher appreciation the entire month of May!


So much is expected from teachers. They are asked to go above and beyond, to use their personal time and resources to ensure that they are inspiring, educating, and keeping students safe and engaged at all times.

On top of all of these responsibilities, they’ve been asked this year to completely recreate every aspect of how they teach and connect with students. Not surprisingly, teachers committed themselves to all of this and so much more.

At Kiddom, we are so thankful for teachers everywhere! We know you have all been working more than ever this year, that your creativity has been tested to its limits, and that you have still been there for all your students every step of the way.

Because we want to recognize all your hard work, we did not think “Teacher Appreciation Day” was enough. This year, we will be celebrating you all month long! To do so, we’re hosting giveaways with our curriculum partners, learning about teachers in history who have made an impact in education, spotlighting today’s teachers who are making an impact in their classrooms, and much more.

We hope you will all join us in celebrating! See the full calendar of events, with descriptions below!

Weekly Giveaways

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, @KiddomApp. Every Monday this month, we will be announcing a weekly giveaway. The weekly winners will be announced every Friday. We have some fun things in store for you and one big final prize at the end of the month. You won’t want to miss it!

CelebrateByLearning Teachers in History

Join us in all of our social media channels to help us celebrate teachers throughout history who made an impact far beyond the reach of their classroom.

Kiddom Teacher Reflections

On Wednesdays, the Kiddom team will be making reflections on the teachers who impacted us the most.

Teacher Spotlights Awarded

Every Thursday, we will be highlighting a teacher from the Kiddom community who deserves recognition for their outstanding work in the classroom.

Feel Good Friday

Stay tuned for a new series of blog posts coming out every Friday! You can find these feel-good, fun blogs written to uplift educators across our social channels.

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