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How to Use Open Up Resources 6-8 Math Curriculum in Kiddom

As part of a distance learning webinar series by Kiddom and Open Up Resources, this webinar shows how to begin adapting top-rated curricula for your classroom, with previews of our digital offering.

To learn more about Kiddom and dynamic digital curriculum, visit

Practical Approaches To Initiative Fatigue

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the constant flow of latest and greatest edtech solutions. The ongoing pressure to master new tools and platforms can burn out even the most optimistic educator or administrator. But there’s hope for school administrators! In this webinar you'll find educators who’ve been there, and survived. They discuss their own experiences, highlighting mistakes, successes—and tips on how best to handle initiative fatigue.

Watch to learn:

-How to make changes stick

-Practical tips and real world anecdotes from experienced educators

-How administrators can build buy-in to new initiatives and prevent change fatigue

How to Assemble Your Distance Learning Toolkit

As part of a distance learning webinar series by Kiddom and Open Up Resources, this webinar shows how to assemble a toolkit of resources and tips to start your own distance learning course. Featuring Shannon Doyle (Customer Success Manager, Kiddom) and Melanie Gillingham (7th Grade Math Teacher, Bethel).

To learn more about Kiddom as a solution for distance and blended learning, visit

In-Class, Remote, or Blended: How to Prepare for Learning This Fall

Every state has a different reopening plan for their districts this fall, and many of these plans are still subject to change. What can your school or district do to prepare for continuity of learning no matter how or where it takes place -- in-class, remote, or blended? Learn more in this webinar.

Delivering Equity to Students in a Digital Environment

Many educators have already moved to some form of distance learning in response to COVID-19, and now they're looking for a sustainable, equitable way to continue into the fall. This webinar is for them! This webinar will cover how to make decisions about distance learning with equity at the forefront. We will also cover how Kiddom and Open Up Resources, among other tools, can support students with engaging quality curriculum and ways to keep digital learning accessible.

To learn more about how to use Kiddom to engage students remotely, visit:

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