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Building Continuity of Learning in Any Scenario: The Kiddom Back to School Guide

With this guide, we hope to bring some inspiration during an unprecedented back-to-school season. Hear how various educators are building creative strategies and using Kiddom to prepare for distance learning, hybrid, or in-person blended learning. Get your free copy of the guide below.

There’s nothing quite like back-to-school season during a pandemic. While some are still waiting to hear orders from their district, others are already wading into the brave new territory of hybrid schedules, socially-distanced K-12 students wearing masks, or full-time distance learning with high hopes that all goes smoother than last year.

We created this resource to provide guidance to educators who are new to online instruction or trying to improve their practice in preparation for the year’s uncertainties. What you’ll find:

Advice from Field Educators. As so much of this is uncharted territory, we wanted to collect guidance from real educators who are doing the work and have direct experience to share. Hear from an assistant principal whose city charter school (full-remote learning) is getting creative to build an engaged online support community. Learn how an instructional coach at a traditional district (hybrid learning) set up a scenario-proof curriculum and lesson plans for continuity of teaching and learning in any scenario. And read an essay authored by an engagement director at an adult high school (mostly remote learning) on how to continue Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and instructional coaching during distance learning.

Two Step-by-Step Guides. View the step-by-step processes for how an instructional coach built her scenario-proof curriculum and interactive lesson plans within Kiddom, as well as some helpful features to engage students remotely and streamline tools to alleviate teacher/parent fatigue. Note: All features mentioned in these guides are available in the free Kiddom app for teachers and students.

Tips & Encouragement. Above all else, this guide aims to help educators everywhere rebuild confidence in a brave new era. We know you’re great at what you do, and you can adapt to this new format! We hope you’ll find new ways to bring continuity of learning to your community through with the help of the free tools and tips found in this resource.


You can get your copy of the guide here: 

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in a centralized hub. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


Are you thinking about bringing digital curriculum to your school or district?

Connect with us in a 15-minute meeting to learn more about available pre-packaged curriculum by Open Up Resources, and how the Kiddom education platform can support your learning community.

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