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How Kiddom Saves You Time: Tips & Tricks for Teachers

Teachers – if there is one thing you need more of, its time. More time before class to plan, more time in the classroom to teach, more time after class to grade, and of course, more of your personal time as well.

It seems that with more and more demands being placed on educators, there is less and less time for everything, even actual teaching.

That’s why Kiddom is here to provide you with the tools, applications, and workflows you need to claim your time back.

Everything you need is in one place

With Kiddom, your curriculum, lesson planning, activities/assignments, instructional resources, assessments, grading, and data reporting are all in one place. 

No more switching between platforms or applications, searching for the tool you need, or working with disconnected workflows.

By incorporating all of these functions into a single platform, teachers have a single, streamlined place to conduct their entire day. All the tools are made to work together, and the processes are simplified so educators can spend less time in the app and more time teaching.

Easily navigate your curriculum with the Table of Contents

No more endless flipping of pages or scrolling through a PDF. Kiddom’s interactive table of contents makes your curriculum highly interactive and clickable. Simply select the lesson or activity you wish to use, and you are brought to it! 

It may seem simple, but searching for your place in a curriculum can add up to hours lost by the end of the year.

Access customized curriculum or create your own

When it comes to that curriculum, Kiddom gives you easy access to either your district’s customized curriculum, or you can easily create your own.

You can get to your curriculum, either directly through your class or the curriculum tab in Kiddom. If your school or district has created its version, you will see it in the curriculum drop-down. 

If you need to further tweak activities, you can easily edit and make changes directly within Kiddom. 

Quicker lesson planning with pre-made, expertly designed presentations

Lesson planning is a crucial, yet time-consuming process that you must do every day. Luckily, we make that a little easier as well.

Every lesson in Kiddom comes with a pre-made, expertly crafted presentation, complete with teacher notes. These slides are ready to use and provide instructional support on objectives, learning activities, and student practice – complete with step-by-step teacher notes. 

You can also download and edit presentations to tailor them to your style

Search content by standard and assign by mastery level

With built-in auto-grading, reports, analytics, and a content library, Kiddom makes it easy to identify students’ individual needs and provide appropriate content and activities.

Easily search and find activities for students with different mastery levels, and distribute them with a click. Or, customize existing content to fit your needs. 

Auto-grading and improved workflows

Grading – it is time-consuming, but it must be done. The Kiddom platform saves you precious time with both auto-grading and improved grading workflows.

Auto-grading automatically scores like multiple choice while grading workflows help you work through the rest in the most efficient manner possible.

Grade answers either on a student-by-student basis or go through question-by-question to understand student differences.

Save time on summative and formative reporting

Finally, once grading is done, use Kiddom to understand exactly where your students stand. With interactive charts and reporting, you compare them against standards, identify gaps, see strengths, and provide additional teaching before issues develop. 

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one place. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


Ready to bring digital curriculum to your school or district?

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