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Kiddom has a variety of curriculum and teaching resources that are available to help meet the instructional needs of teachers and the learning needs of students. We provide paid bundled core curriculum through our curriculum partnerships, as well as a wealth of free resources from our K-12 Library. Additionally, Kiddom gives teachers the tools and the flexibility to create their own resources to meet their students’ learning needs.

How can I use Kiddom for warm-ups?

Warm-ups are designed to do just that – warm up your students for learning. They are designed to be a short 5 minute activity that can either be used as a refresher for content from a previous lesson, or as a lead-in to the day’s lesson. Warm-up activities can either be completed before class or during the first few minutes, but should come before the core lesson. In my own classroom, I saw many benefits to using warm-ups before a lesson such as:

  • Preparing students’ minds for learning and new information
  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Promoting student engagement with the core lesson


Kiddom makes assigning warm-up activities easy. Some of our bundled core curriculum already comes with pre-made warm-up activities that are ready to be assigned, or are built right into the day’s lesson plans! 


A warm-up could even be a discussion or written prompt posted in the Announcements section of your Kiddom Classroom ahead of time to promote engagement before a lesson. There are also many free resources in the K-12 Library that can be used as warm-ups. To learn more about using K-12 Library resources in Kiddom, click here. Lastly, you always have the option to create your own warm-up activity and assign it to students all within Kiddom.

How can I use Kiddom for exit tickets?

Exit tickets are designed to be given at the end of a lesson, usually during the last 5-10 minutes. They are used to assess student understanding of the lesson objective(s) and to provide valuable and actionable data. Some benefits of using exit tickets include:

  • Providing snapshot data that can drive planning, instruction, and differentiation.
  • Exit tickets are short, meaning they are quick to grade. Many can even be auto-graded in Kiddom!
  • When graded in Kiddom, feedback goes immediately to students.
  • Lesson objectives are reinforced.
  • Data can be used to track (and celebrate) student growth.


Kiddom’s bundled math curriculum options come with assignable exit tickets (also called “cool-downs”). The Illustrative Math curriculum has pre-made cool-downs at the end of most lessons that can be assigned either from the Curriculum tab or directly from your Planner to your Timeline. Similarly, the math curriculum by Open Up Resources also has lesson cool-downs that can be assigned to students directly in Kiddom. Cool-downs are also accessible as printable pdfs within Kiddom for added flexibility. 


Lastly, you always have the option to modify existing cool-down activities, or to create your own exit tickets that best fit your instructional needs right within Kiddom!

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one place. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


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