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Illustrative Mathematics® has always been recognized as one of the leading mathematics curriculums. IM’s curricula are research-driven, problem-based, and fully standards-aligned to ensure teachers have the tools needed to facilitate student success.

But, just like anything in this world, the landscape of education is ever-evolving, and that is why Illustrative Mathematics has evolved as well. Enter IM® v.360, the latest offering from Illustrative Mathematics that promises to redefine math education for students and teachers alike.

IM v.360 was not a mere response to market demands; it was born out of a recognition of the fundamental challenges facing math education today. Across classrooms nationwide, educators grapple with outdated materials, mismatched standards, and a lack of coherence in instruction. IM v.360 was conceived as a solution to these pressing issues, designed to provide a comprehensive, standards-aligned math curriculum that fosters deep conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency.

The Making of IM v.360

Crafting IM v.360 required a collaborative effort of unprecedented scale. IM came together with educators to uncover exactly what they needed and deliver a curriculum that would set a new standard for excellence in math education.

After listening to valuable feedback from educators and students alike, Illustrative Mathematics made transformative changes to create a more inclusive learning environment. IM v.360 empowers teachers to ensure that every child learns grade-level mathematics and develops a positive mathematical identity through engaging learning experiences that shape their understanding and personal development.

IM v.360 builds on the foundation of IM’s rated curricula, maintaining the core tenets IM K–12 Math™ with standards-aligned instruction while incorporating new additions and enhancements.

About Illustrative Math K-12 Curriculum

IM’s K-12 math curriculum is a problem-based core curriculum built on the idea that all students are capable learners of mathematics. Within Illustrative Mathematics’ curriculums, students are encouraged to use their real-world experiences, current knowledge, and existing math understanding to solve problems within the classroom.

IM K-12 Math™ is fully standards-aligned and has been given the coveted “All Green” award by EdReports, with perfect scores in the areas of Focus & Coherence and Rigor & Mathematical Practices.

What’s New in IM v.360

IM v.360’s upgrades and enhancements to their K–12 curriculum have been made in response to the needs expressed by teachers, school leaders, and students. It’s still the same dynamic, interactive, problem-based core curriculum that IM is renowned for, but it now offers enhanced learning goals, teacher guidance, narratives, checkpoints, and revised contexts.

IM v.360 and Kiddom

As an IM Certified® Premium Digital Partner and Digital Curriculum Provider, Kiddom is committed to supporting IM’s problem-based instructional model and using our technology to enhance mathematical discourse.

Kiddom helps educators extract the maximum potential out of their IM curriculum and facilitate lively interaction between students and themselves in discourse-based classrooms. With Kiddom, teachers using IM v.360:

  • Save time on lesson planning with ready-to-use teaching materials, such as interactive
    lesson presentations.
  • Have the ability to edit and add to student activities and assessments.
  • Can easily group students and assign variations of work to provide differentiated
    instruction for individual learning paths.
  • Utilize Lesson Launch, allowing them to instantly check comprehension with live, synchronous formative assessments.

School and district leaders will also gain a dedicated set of tools and views to implement the curriculum with integrity at scale.

Impact of IM v.360

The impact of IM v.360 extends far beyond the classroom walls. By empowering students to become confident, capable mathematicians, IM 360 lays the foundation for lifelong success in mathematics and beyond.

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one place. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


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