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6 Reasons Why We’re Excited to Welcome You Back this School Year

Back to School Tips and Tricks

Can you believe it?

It’s already time to head back to school!

As great as the summer break is, we are especially excited to welcome you back this year. We’ve spent the last few months hard at work on some great new features to help make students more successful, the curriculum more effective, and lessons more engaging.

Our ultimate goal at Kiddom is to provide an equitable and enjoyable experience for all students. We do that through high-quality, digital curriculum, technology to enable all teachers and learners to unlock their full potential, and teaching tools to make the classroom more efficient and effective.

This summer we added to that suite of tools and technology with features that empower you to take full control over your curriculum, understand exactly what makes students successful, and create a more engaging classroom.

Let’s take a look…

  1. Curriculum Management
  2. Administrator-Level Insights into Student Performance
  3. Administrator-Level Analytics into Curriculum Usage and Effectiveness
  4. New Math Manipulatives
  5. New Math Graphing Tools
  6. Direct Print from Kiddom

Curriculum Management

We are proud to provide our users with complete control over their curriculum. No longer will your curriculum not serve your needs or the needs of your students.

With Kiddom, schools, and districts can delegate editors to collaboratively work to customize the curriculum you’ve purchased. Whether they are your curriculum specialists or a team of trusted teachers, your editors can easily align learning experiences to achieve your specific goals and initiatives.

The curriculum editing features include collaboration, sharing, version control, and the ability to distribute content with a click.

Administrator-Level Insights into Student Performance

We’ve also introduced multiple administrator reports at the school and district levels.

Administrators can see aggregate data on all main assessments taken across the district. You will see how students, classes, grade levels, and schools are performing on any given assessment, or a macro level, giving actionable insights that allow leaders to address trends quickly and effectively.

Administrator-Level Analytics into Curriculum Usage and Effectiveness

With the additional administrator usage report, you can monitor the implementation of curricular resources. See who has been recently active and filter by time frame, school, role, and grade level.

Administrators can see exactly where and how the curriculum is being used so they can understand its impact on student success.

New Math Manipulatives

We’re really excited about this one! Students using our math products will experience the best of digital math tools right in the Kiddom platform. At the elementary level, we’ll have a collection of 17 elementary math manipulatives, powered by Brainingcamp.

This includes base ten blocks, number lines, fraction tiles, and more! This update is sure to help make abstract concepts concrete for young learners and help them express their thoughts and reasoning in any way they desire.

New Graphing Tools

For secondary math students, we’ve partnered with the award-winning GeoGebra for integrated graphing.

When given these incredible tools, students can accurately construct mathematical representations of their thinking. The tool offers a single-screen view of both the problem and the data for ease of use when organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Print from Kiddom

Finally, as requested so many times, we will have the ability to print student exercises. Super useful if the internet goes down, if you have students with particular needs, or if you are looking for a certain balance of on and off-screen time.

Assignments print with questions optimized for paper, just like in a textbook!

With all of these features and more, we can’t wait to see you!

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one place. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


Ready to bring digital curriculum to your school or district?

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